About hl investments


HL Investments Ltd is a civil and building construction company with an excellent reputation within the industry.

Company Mission

“On time, quality workmanship to the ultimate satisfaction of the customer!”

Strict and uncompromising adherence to this mission is the secret behind our continued success and ability to not only retain our older clients, but to also receive extremely favorable responses from our new clients! We believe that quality is a consequence of valuing customer satisfaction, and is the key to obtaining positive business results.

The company was founded in 1986 and has undertaken and successfully completed various categories of contracts:-

1. Commercial court funded by the European Union
2. Schools funded by the World Bank
3. Courts under the Judiciary funded by DANIDA
4. Housing estate for National Social Security Fund
5. Institutional buildings for Bank of Uganda, Uganda Revenue Authority and Uganda Coffee     Development Authority
6. Hospital building for Rubaga Hospital
7. Industrial warehouses
8. Housing Developments
9. Supply of school furniture for Ministry of Education and Sports
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we are civil and building contractors